America’s love affair with the automobile is legendary. In fact, for over fifty-seven years, custom car shows have paid tribute to the innovative workmanship that continuously re-invents and improves the vehicles of yesterday and today. Championship Auto Shows (CASI), the undisputed leader in indoor custom car show production, produces the largest show series in the business: better known under the monikers of Autorama or World of Wheels. Close to 20 events are held annually across the United States and Canada.

Hot rods are always at the heart of each show, but in recent years the composition has expanded to include manufacturers displays. As a result, today’s shows appeal equally to those who own competition cars, specialty and concept vehicles and those who dream about owning them. The 2010 circuit of 18 shows attracted almost a million people with features such as:


Indianapolis 34,915
Boston 70,202 Kansas City 38,269
Calgary 40,251 Milwaukee 24,183
Chicago 93,801 New Orleans 28,431
Cincinnati 43,061 Omaha 24,367
Dallas 41,972 Pittsburgh 23,428
Detroit 149,285 Salt Lake City 28,295
Houston 56,809 Winnipeg 35,020


Autorama and World of Wheels spectators are avid fans; over 75% of those attending have been to earlier events. Approximately 45% have visited Autorama and World of Wheels events four or more times. Audience satisfaction with these events is attested to by the incredibly high (97.3%) rate of recommending attendance to others. They use the event to learn the latest ideas in performance customization.

Participation in the events elevates the involvement of your company to top-of-mind awareness among key consumers. As with any consumer brand, brand awareness often equals product superiority.

Participating in the series of events provides an opportunity to capitalize on the marketing and sales potential of each show. Your effort would be targeted toward the following two consumer groups: Show participants and Show spectators.

Both of these audiences share similar demographic make-up. Our research shows that 72.9% of our audience tries to support companies who sponsor Autorama or World of Wheels events.

This mindset provides an excellent opportunity to provide spectators and exhibitors with a special promotion that includes a call to action.


Participation in the events creates a solid platform to launch an aggressive sampling effort among the key target audiences. Together, we can create an activation plan that reaches each audience at all levels including, awareness building, on-site relationship building and post-event sales.


Exhibit Space – Show Sponsorship – Award Sponsorship – Student Day – Sampling – Sales – Signage – Product Giveaway – Recruit Employees – Sell Products and Service – Entertain Customers & Employees


The events are promoted through a variety of printed materials that are distributed in the marketplace.


Corporate Sponsorship partners receive support through the company’s high traffic web site.



Corporate partners receive signage at the event as well as public address announcements promoting products and services as well as directing customers to on site exhibit space and promotional deals available on web sites.



Partners are provided with complimentary tickets for customers as well as exhibitor passes for employees staffing the event.



Sales and promotions are key element sat the shows. Activating of any program is key with on-site presence at the show.



A carefully planned media mix is developed for each show to include a combination of radio, television and a publicity campaign. In select markets, billboards are part of the mix.