• Electrical Contractors
BOSTON, MA      
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          Exhibitions Electrical Co., Inc.
          200 Seaport Boulevard, Suite 602
          Boston, MA 02210
          Phone: (617) 439-5425
          Fax: (617) 439-5433
          Email: exhibitionselectrical@gmail.com
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          Calgary Stampede
          Attn: Event Services
          Box 1060, Station M
          Calgary, Alberta T2P 2K8
          Phone: (403) 261-0377
          Fax: (403) 261-0144
          Email: eventservices@calgarystampede.com
Chicago, IL
          9291 West Bryn Mawr
          Rosemont, IL 60018
          Phone: (847) 696-2208
          Fax: (847) 696-9797
          Email: customerservice@rosemontexpo.com
Cincinnati, OH
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          Smart City Electric, Inc.
          c/o Duke Energy Convention Center
          Attn: Exhibitor Services
          525 Elm Street
          Cincinnati, OH 45202
          Phone: (513) 419-7317
          Fax: (513) 419-7327
          Email: exhibitorservices@duke-energycenter.com
Dallas, TX
          Clark Cabus
          Phone: (214) 443-2514
          Fax: (214) 339-4154
          Email: GES_DMC@ges.com
Detroit, MI
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          Conti – HTE
          One Washington Boulevard, Suite 1046
          Detroit, MI 48226
          Toll Free Office: (844) 685-7427
          Toll Free Fax: (844) 685-7428

Houston, TX
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          Smart City Electric, Inc.
          c/o George R. Brown Convention Center
          5795 W. Badura Avenue, Suite 110
          Las Vegas, NV 89118
          Phone: (888) 446-6911
          Fax: (713) 853-8949 or (702) 943-6001
Indianapolis, IN
          ERMCO, Inc.
          Phone: (317) 780-2923
Kansas City, MO
          Green Wave Technologies, Inc.
          1600 Genessee, Suite 604
          Kansas City, MO 64102
          Phone: (816) 513-5200
          Fax: (816) 513-5203
          Email: convention@grnwav.com
          Website: www.grnwav.com
Milwaukee, WI
Click to download an order form and mail it in to:
          Expo Center at Wisconsin State Fair Park
          Attn: Utility Connection Services Department      
          Phone: (414) 266-7300
          Fax: (414) 727-8842
Omaha, NE
          Metropolitan Entertainment & Convention Authority (MECA)
          455 N. 10th Street
          Omaha, NE 68102
          Phone: (402) 599-6703
          Fax: (402) 599-6725
          Website: http://www.centurylinkcenteromaha.com/
Pittsburgh, PA
          David L. Lawrence Convention Center
          Attn: Exhibitor Services Department
          1000 Fort Duquesne Boulevard
          Pittsburgh, PA 15222
          Phone: (412) 325-6102
          Fax: (412) 325-6009
          Email: exhibitorservices@pittsburghcc.com
Salt Lake City, UT
Click to download an order form and mail it in to:
          Modern Expo & Events
          424 South 700 East
          Salt Lake City, UT 84102
          Phone: (801) 983-8160 
          Fax: (801) 521-3040
Winnipeg, MB
          Winnipeg Convention Centre
          Attn: Event Services
          375 York Avenue
          Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3J3
          Phone: (204) 957-4538
          Fax: (204) 957-4576


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