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Pinup Girl Contest

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Very nice F250 out of Revlock, PA on display at last weekend’s World Of Wheels presented by NAPA in Pittsburgh! ... See MoreSee Less

Meguiar's Detroit Autorama returns to Cobo March 2-4! Customs, Hot Rods, Trucks, Motorcycles and more fill Cobo Center for three days of fun! Don't miss seeing cars competing for the Ridler Award presented by Meguiar's, Friday's opening flame throwing truck demonstration on Jefferson avenue at 11:45 and cars from Fate of The Furious movie all weekend! Check out Summit Racing Equipment's Chop Shop featuring the legendary customizer Gene Winfield and visit Steele Rubber Products Preservation Award display with the 1966 Ridler Award winning Chevoom! Other special sections include: Display of Bonneville Salt Flat Cars, Cavalcade of Customs and Hop Up Magazine's Traditional Autorama Extreme featuring live music all weekend and Vinsetta Garage's Pinup Girl Contest on Saturday. Shop Toyarama, bid for items in the Pinstriper Panel JamAutograph sessions include: WWE Superstar Roman Reigns on Saturday from 10:00a-12:00p, NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt Jr Saturday 2:00p-4:00p and WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose on Sunday from 1:00p-3:00p. See www.autorama.com for a full schedule of activities and special sections! ... See MoreSee Less

Meguiar's Detroit Autorama presented by O'Reilly Auto Parts

March 2, 2018, 12:00pm - March 4, 2018, 6:00pm

Meguiar's Detroit Autorama returns to Cobo March 2-4! Customs, Hot Rods, Trucks, Motorcycles and more fill Cobo Center for three days of fun! Don't miss seeing cars competing for the Ridler Award pres...

Thank you for a great weekend Pittsburgh! Up next, Indianapolis and Kansas City. Here are shots from each of those shows from 2010! See www.worldofwheels.com for show information! ... See MoreSee Less

The 2018 Pittsburgh World of Wheels presented by NAPA is a wrap! Thank you to all of the participants, spectators, sponsors and vendors! Category winners working to qualify for the Summit Racing Equipment/ISCA Championship in Chicago this March include: Best Rod – Sam Lynn – ’33 Ford / Best Bike / Adam Barnett – ’14 Harley / Best Street Machine Comp – George Pavell – ’48 Chevy / Best Truck – Brad Swaney – ’71 Chevy / Best Custom – Dan Coleman – ’56 Ford / Best Restored - Andy Starr – ’65 Buick ... See MoreSee Less

What a weekend of cool cars! Just a couple of hours left!! ... See MoreSee Less

Hot Rod Show World